About Us

Who are we?

Rebjoorn is a brand that cares about you and your baby. We want to provide baby service that is easy to clean, safe for your baby, sustainable, and finally, not a sore for the eye. Our products are minimalistic and have a clean design, fit for any home.

At Rebjoorn we care about kids, of any age, we also care about the parents. Parenting is difficult and everyone can use a guide every now and then, which is why we have our blog. Our blog is composed of various articles about everything from nutrition to sleep. We continuously provide guides for issues and uncertainties we’ve come across.

At Rebjoorn we love babies, so we are on a journey to make life easier for every parent.

It all started with love

We started Rebjoorn because of our love for babies. If you are a parent, you know that babies are prone to put everything and anything in their mouths. It can be hard to control when they’re all over the place getting a “taste” of the world, so we knew that our products should be safe and healthy.

With Rebjoorn products we are certain that your baby won’t put any toxic chemicals in their mouth, nor will their food taste like plastic or soap.

So out of love for our and all kids, we created a brand that embraces healthy and safe products for babies.

Why we do it

As stated previously, the simple answer is that we do it out of love.

The long answer is that we hope to become a brand with everything you need for your baby until the age of 3-5. We do it to be the brand you (re)turn to, for the best and safest products for your baby. We do it for a better and more sustainable world, with products that do not lose color, wear down easily or have a specific image, so you can reuse and pass them down.

We hope, that with our minimalistic and clean designs, you will pass it on to your next baby, or perhaps someone else’s. Help stop the throw-away culture and buy high-quality and reusable non-gender biased/simple colored products that do not go out of style.  

Product safety

Our products are 100% BPA free, meaning you do not have to worry about it affecting your baby. Research has shown that BPA can make its way into food if the product the food is stored on/in isn’t BPA free. BPA is a health concern, and therefor it is important for us to ensure, that our products are made from food grade silicone that has no health concerns.

Along with that we’ve acquired the approval to use our products for babies ranging from 0-36 months. The EN14372 approval simply means that the product has certain safety requirements regarding, materials, constructing, performance and packaging. You should however always keep an eye on your baby when it’s eating.

The future of Rebjoorn

We wish to unite parents around the world, creating a community where the health and safety of our babies come first, a place you can seek information and knowledge when in doubt, and a community that helps make the world more sustainable.