Is parenting only the mother's responsibility?

Is parenting only the mother's responsibility?

Both parents share the responsibility of looking after their kid, which is known as co-parenting. Just because a mother has given birth does not imply that she is solely responsible for her child. A parent is equally responsible for his child's every aspect.


This allows both parents to bond with their child while also learning about their child's wants and needs.


Co-parenting is beneficial to the mother because giving birth is not an easy task. She requires adequate rest and sustenance. A mother's life should not change after having a child, just as most males' lives do not alter after having a child. The process of raising a child becomes easier if both parents take equal care of the child.

What are the advantages of equitable parenting for a child?

As they say, a child's education begins at home; thus, it's critical that they understand that no work is gender-biased or insignificant. Having parenting responsibilities, housework, hobbies, and even vacations split between partners teaches kids the actual meaning of equality, which they will strive for in the future as it will become their "normal."


When both parents are determined to work together toward mutual family goals, it sets a terrific example of cooperation and support for the child. They are aware of the genuine meaning of family unity and safety, as well as gender stereotypes.


It has been illustrated that children who have had active and effective equal and shared parenting have a high emotional quotient when they reach maturity. They're taught how to face obstacles head-on while mastering the dos and don'ts of resolving conflicts peacefully while maintaining mental and emotional health.


For the father, here are some examples of how to co-parent:


  • Doing diaper changes
  • Feeding the baby
  • Taking care of the baby, including bathing and cleaning
  • Attending doctor's appointments
  • Assisting the mother with the preparation of the baby's food
  • Laying the baby down to sleep
  • Keeping an eye on the infant at night
  • Giving medicine to the infant

Fathers who co-parent serve as role models for those who do not. Raising a child is a huge duty that needs to be shared. Since many parents raise multiple children, the burden of obligation grows.


It becomes quite difficult for the mother to care for the babies alone. Many moms cannot raise their children due to a lack of support from their family members. Many people cannot afford domestic help or a nanny for their children.


As a result, a father's contribution is critical in this process. After the father has stepped in, a mother usually feels relieved because she knows that no one can care for the infant better than the baby's father.


Many women wish to continue working or running their businesses after giving birth. Even after having a kid, if the father begins co-parenting, the mother can realize her ambitions.